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ABOUT Huashil

Shandong Huashil Automation Technology Co., Ltd. located in Rizhao city, mainly research and development production of a full set of glass deep processing intelligent equipment, such as the glass loading and cutting machine,glass cutting line, automatic glass loading machine , and glass edge grinding machine and so on. Our company's production equipment has the characteristics of good quality, high precision, small floor area, movable, less investment, quick effect and so on, which is the ideal product for glass deep processing industry.

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Main Products

Glass cutting machine, glass edging machine, glass loading machine and so on

Exhibition Pictures

Global search agent cooperation, existing cooperation agent countries: South Korea, Vietnam


API 6D, API 607, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, TS.(If you need our certificates, please contact)



API 6D,API 607,CE, ISO9001, ISO14001,ISO18001, TS.(If you need our certificates, please contact)


Custom Color

Please send me the machine color picture or color number you want, and we will customize it for you!

Custom Logo

Please send me your LOGO picture, we will customize for you!

Custom Function

Please tell me the machine features you need and we will customize them for you!

Custom software operating system language

Please tell me the language you need and we will customize it for you!

new items

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